Vaping Delights in Smoke City: A Guide to the Top Vape Shop Near Me

Vapes have been around for many years already ever since the modern e-cigarette came out in 2007. While it was originally meant as a healthier alternative to smoking, vaping eventually became a trend. From there, more and more people started to get into vaping. Vaping even became a sport and recreational activity. In fact, many shops were put up to satisfy vapers’ recreational needs.

Today, vaping is now as popular as smoking with many people engaging in the activity. Just like tobacco shops, vape shops have emerged everywhere with many reputable vape brands opening up stores so that they can cater to vapers. These stores allow vapers to continue vaping and even maintain their machines.

If you decide to walk into a vape shop, you’ll see that it looks pretty much like a regular tobacco shop, head shop, and a hookah shop all combined into one. So, what is the difference between a head shop, tobacco shop, and a hookah shop anyway?

Here are the similarities and difference of the three:


First, let’s take a look at the three’s similarities. You’ll notice that a head shop, hookah shop, and tobacco shop will all pretty much look the same. When you go inside, you’ll see a glass counter with accessories and smoking products for customers to look at. You’ll also see shelves with more accessories and products that you can buy.

They also sell in a very similar manner. A head shop (in places where it’s legal) would sell not only cannabis but also equipment used for smoking cannabis such as glass bongs and pipes. In the same manner, a tobacco shop would sell equipment that enhances smoking experience like a filter or lighters. Meanwhile, a hookah shop would also sell shisha accessories for a better smoking.


The main difference among these three stores would really be what they sell.

  • A tobacco store usually sells only tobacco smoking-related products such as cigarettes, cigars, cigarette filters, cigarette cases, lighter holders, and lighters. Sometimes, tobacco stores or smoke shops as others call them, also do sell vape products to cater to vapers.
  • Head shops don’t usually sell vaping products unless the vape is specially used for smoking cannabis. What they sell are all cannabis-related products such as bongs, cannabis strains, lighters, and other weed-related products. It’s even possible for you to find some hemp products in head shops that can be used for medicinal purposes. Of course, head shops aren’t that popular yet worldwide because there are still a lot of countries that consider marijuana illegal. However, once these countries start legalizing marijuana, it won’t be long before more head shops emerge. Some states in the US already allow head shops and the selling of marijuana. 
  • Hookah or shisha shops, on the other hand, have a more Arabian feel to them but essentially look like any tobacco shop. Of course, the main product would be hookahs or popularly known as shishas. Since shishas are quite similar to vapes in a way, a lot of shisha stores also carry some vape products. In fact, a lot of shisha stores offer vape juice since shishas use quite a similar juice as well. This also helps them target vapers.

If you’re looking for a good hookah shop, check the ones in Salt Lake City and other areas nearby. The city is known to have great vape shops selling premium vaping accessories and e-juices.

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