The Growing Concern: R.J. Reynolds Calls for Stricter Enforcement on Disposable Vapes

The Request and its Significance

R.J. Reynolds, a prominent tobacco company, has recently urged the FDA to focus its enforcement efforts on disposable vapes. The company argues that these products, often appealing to younger demographics, should be subject to stricter regulations to prevent youth access and usage.

Implications for the Vaping Industry

If the FDA heeds R.J. Reynolds’ request and increases its enforcement on disposable vapes, it could have significant implications for the vaping industry. Manufacturers may need to adapt their marketing strategies, packaging, and flavors to comply with stricter regulations. Additionally, retailers might face more scrutiny and enforcement actions to ensure compliance with age restrictions and sales regulations.

Response from Advocacy Groups

The request by R.J. Reynolds has sparked debates within the vaping community and among advocacy groups. Some argue that focusing on disposable vapes alone is not enough to address the broader issues related to youth vaping, while others believe it is a step in the right direction to protect public health.


The request by R.J. Reynolds to target disposable vapes for enforcement has raised important discussions about youth vaping and regulatory measures. It remains to be seen how the FDA will respond and what impact it will have on the vaping industry.

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